4017 aluminum tread plate

There are 4017 aluminum tread plate with various thickness and other specifications, temper, and patterns ! The 4017 aluminum tread plate is bright surface, which has high reflection, good formability, drilling and weldability. It is very suitable for manufacturing. Most notably, the surface of the raised pattern makes it has excellent anti-skid performance. So, 4017 aluminum tread plate is a highly durable and economical tread plate used in architectural decoration, catwalk non-slip floor, truck bed, cosmetic packaging, toolbox manufacturing, etc. At present, Haomei aluminium as the largest export reputation manufacturer of aluminum plate/coil/foil, the 4017 aluminum tread plate produced is well favored by the market !

aluminum tread plate
aluminum tread plate

Applications and Features:

  1. Skid Resistance. The excellent surface treatment process enables the aluminum tread plate to be embossed with various patterns, showing a set of regularly arranged patterns, thus greatly increasing the surface contact friction and increasing the skid resistance.
  2. Here, Haomei aluminum tread plate is flat, with bright surface, clean surface, no oil stains, no artificial scratches, no rough edges and other defects. It has excellent performance and provided original warranty for global users !