5086 Marine Grade Aluminum Plate H111 For Ship Side Deck

5086 marine grade aluminum plate and sheet for deck of ship side/marine grade aluminium 5086

Products Description :

Alloy :5086
Standard :GB/T 4437.1-2000
Also can provide as below:
5086-h116 aluminum plate
5086-h32 aluminum sheet
5086 h111 aluminum

5086 h34 aluminum

5086-h112 aluminum

5086 aluminum machinability

5086 aluminum modulus of elasticity

5086 aluminum plate advantages:
(1) Because of its small proportion, thus reducing the ship weight, can reduce the engine capacity, can increase the speed; can reduce fuel consumption, fuel saving; can improve the ship’s length width ratio, increase the stability of the ship, easy to operate; can also increase the weight, get extra profit.
(2) because of good corrosion resistance, it can reduce the maintenance cost of oil coating, and can prolong the service life (usually over 20 years).
(3) The processing performance is good, and it is easy for cutting, punching, cold bending, forming and cutting and other forms of processing, suitable for streamlining of hull, extruding large and wide thin wall profiles, reducing the number of welds and rationalizing and lightening the hull structure.
(4) Good welding performance and can be easily welded.

(5) The elastic modulus is small, the ability to absorb the impact stress is large, and it has greater safety.
(6) Aluminum scrap is easy to be recycled and can be recycled.

(7) Low temperature brittleness, the most suitable for low temperature equipment.
(8) Because of non magnetic, compass is not affected; all aluminum ships can be avoided