Aluminium Checker Plate for Caravans

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Alloy Number: 1050,1100,3003,3105,

Temper: O, H12, H14, H24, H16, H26, H18,

Surface treatment: mill finish, mirror finish, high polished surface,

Aluminum tread plate design: 5bars, 1bars, 3bars, 2bars;

Thickness: 0.6mm- 20mm; Width: 500mm to 2700mm

Max length: 11.5 Meter or be coiled,

Packaging: Standard seaworthy export packing, Fumigation wooden pallet.

Aluminium Tread Plate
Aluminium Tread Plate

Along with our many other aluminum products, we make aluminum checker plates using only pure aluminum ingot of the highest quality. They are available in various thicknesses, widths, and temper. They are not only suitable for marine grade use but also other tanks as well, including water tanks, oil tanks, The max width we can produce is 3000mm.

As one of the leading aluminum checker plate suppliers in China, we guarantee you that we will create the best raw aluminum material for your product. We offer Free Samples to give you the confidence that our aluminum sheet are high-quality.

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Aluminum Checker Plate for Caravans
The aluminum checkered plate is also named aluminum sheet ribbed, aluminum chequered plate, the surface always have some pattern or ribbed, like 1 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar plate, orange peel stucco sheet. The main applications are caravans, trailers, refrigeration floor, truck floor, flooring, stairs.

What kind of aluminum checker plate should I use for caravans?
For caravans use, the main alloys are 1050 and 3003. Many customers also used alloy 1100 which is similar to alloy 1050. And other customers prefer alloy 3105 which is almost the same as alloy 3003. In China, most caravans manufacturers use the alloy 3003 H14.

Aluminum Checker Plate for Caravans alloy 1050 H14
Aluminum checkered plate alloy 1050 H14 is the most wildly used alloy number. Because it is a bright surface, it also very good corrosion resistance to water or rain. So mainly used for Refrigeration floor, Truck floor, flooring, stairs, indoor and outdoor decoration

Why Aluminium Checker Plate are wildly used for Caravans?
There are many materials used in the manufacture of caravans. But more and more caravans are being made from aluminum checker plate. Let’s understand the benefits of using aluminum checker plate for caravans:

  1. Light material, conducive to energy saving. Compared with the traditional steel checker plate, aluminum checker plate has the advantage of small density and light material. The same specification of the material using patterned aluminum plate is much lighter than the steel plate. This will bring a lot of benefits, the weight reduction of the body can greatly reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Corrosion resistance, long service life. Embossed aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance because of adding different alloy elements, compared with the traditional steel plate carriage service life can be increased about ten times.The steel diamond plate carriage will be scrapped after 3-5 years because of corrosion problems. While aluminum checker plate can be used for decades, which is a very obvious advantage.
  3. Environmental protection, high recycling value. Embossed aluminum sheet is much higher than the recycling value of steel checker plate. The recycling rate can reach 80%, so the embossed aluminum sheet has a high environmental protection.
  4. Anti-slip effect, good practicality. The difference between aluminum checkered plate and other materials is thatithas a raised pattern. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has a good anti-slip effect, which is very conducive to the transportation of goods. It can avoid the loss of goods caused by poor road conditions, we commonly used aluminum tread plate 5 bars and aluminum diamond plate 1 bar.