1060 Aluminum Coil

about 1060 Aluminum Coil

Haomei aluminium ‘s 1060 aluminum coil technology is mature, with good quality and low price. 1060 aluminum coil flat surface, high cleanliness, suitable for polymer welding, and product elongation, tensile strength is good, can fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) high moldability, is widely used in power battery soft Connections, aluminum-plastic panels, lamps, signs and other fields.

Chemical composition of 1060 Aluminum coil:


1060 Aluminium Alloy coil Parameters:

Aluminum alloy modelMaterial state that can be producedThickness(mm)Width(mm)Length(mm)
1060 aluminium sheet/coilO,H12,H14,H16


1, Lighting, printing, packing, decorative, electronics surface, hot rolled thick plate, PS base plate,aluminum plastic base plate, aluminum curtain wall base plate, aluminum composite panel base plate, aluminum spacer, aluminum embossed sheet

2,Interior:wall cladding,ceilings,bothrooms,kitchens and balconies,shutters,doors,curtain wall

3, Exterior:wall cladding,facades,roofing,camopies,tunnels,column cover,renovations

4, Advertisement:display platforms,signboards,fascia,shop fronts

1060 Aluminum Coil For Building Material Coil and Ss Coil

Amongst the various types of aluminum sheets, 1060 aluminum is a general tread. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to form, and has good surface finishing properties. In addition, it has excellent anodizing and welding properties. It is often used for building materials and automobile body panels and gutters. It is also ideal for color-coated mirror sheets.

Building Material Coil and Ss Coil
Building Material Coil and Ss Coil

Unlike other aluminum alloys, 1060 Aluminum Coil has low strength and is suited for building materials. The main characteristics of this aluminum alloy are low tensile strength and good corrosion resistance. It can be found in various tempers, such as H12 and H14. The best feature of this material is its high elongation, tensile strength, and great formability. It is the most popular and common type of aluminum-plastic panel.

1060 Aluminum Coil is similar to 1050 aluminum alloy but contains more than 0.1% aluminum. Compared with other types of aluminum coil, it is less expensive to produce and offers superior properties, such as high elongation, tensile strength, and good formability. As a building material, it is suitable for all types of applications. There are many uses for it.

The properties of 1060 Aluminum Coil are similar to those of 1050 aluminum alloy. It is low in strength and possesses good electrical and thermal conductivity. It is also suitable for welding polymer. Its high formability and low tensile strength make it ideal for applications where high strength is unnecessary. This property makes it a preferred choice for aluminum-plastic panels.

haomei aluminium’s 1060 Aluminum Coil technology is mature and has many advantages. Its quality and low price are unmatched by competitors, and it’s highly resistant to corrosion. The properties of 1060 Aluminum include high elongation and excellent tensile strength. Its low cost makes it an ideal building material for various applications.

Aside from the benefits, 1060 Aluminum Coil is highly durable and low in strength. Its purity makes it ideal for electrical applications. It is an ideal building material for high-performance building components. Its low tensile strength and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for many applications. You can choose between Ss Coil depending on your specific needs.

This high-strength aluminum is widely used for building materials and the automotive industry. It is highly corrosion-resistant, good for deep drawing, and has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Although the alloy is a good choice for many uses, 1060 Aluminum Coil is an excellent choice for both. It is also a durable building material because it is easy to machine.